Saturday, November 18, 2006

What We've Been up To...

I have neglected this blog for several months. It has been crazy here with many things going on at once. Perhaps most pressing was that my father was in the hospital for several weeks and we have really had to cope with alcoholism as a family. I have chosen to be honest with the kids in these matters as they are highly aware and it certainly pertains to them as well. It hasn't been easy on any of us and because of all that has been going on, it has seemed to disrupt our normal flow of things.

Learning, however as always continues. Brianna has performed in a major role at a local theater in an original play called The White Pebble Library. She has been continuing with piano lessons and soccer. She has been into poetry and has written many of her own lately. She continues to find joy in cooking. She recently sewed PJ's for herself and Lexi and has been knitting quite a bit.

Chase got a skateboard for his birthday and so has been outside quite a bit learning to ride it. He has been into bionicles and using the computer.

Lexi is still going strong with violin and I think she is pleasantly surprised at how much she has progressed since last year. She really likes playing. She has really been interested in helping me in the garden and canning lots of veggies and fruit. She planted lots of spring bulbs this fall and so we are looking forward to see how they will all look coming up next spring.

We have all enjoyed another season at Spoutwood Farm, CSA. I think the most memorable thing we learned was that praying mantis like bananas. We found one while harvesting that had a missing leg, and Lexi sat it on a plant. She was eating a banana and decided to put some on her finger and the praying mantis took it from her and ate it. I really wished I had my camera then! It was great to have another season to figure out how to cook all kinds of veggies and as always love the idea of all of us experiencing sustainable agriculture up close.

We are all participating in Project Feederwatch and have found some new types of seeds that the birds particularly love, a woodpecker blend. We finally invested in some field guides that are particular to our area and have seen some interesting birds. Perhaps most interesting was that while we were watching a really small bird was scooped up by some type of hawk. It happened so fast though that all we were able to see was the underside of the bird’s wings.

Currently we are visiting in New England and I am just soaking up the New England feel of things. We are enjoying being with old friends and the kids are having a blast. On our agenda is the Mystic Aquarium, and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, and of course the beach, which we all love and went to often when we lived here. We plan to enjoy Thanksgiving with my aunt and family.

I love homeschooling. It is really great to just be able to get away, and experience other areas of the country without being hindered by school schedules and rules.