Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pride of the Susquenhanna

Last week we had our cousins visiting and took a riverboat ride - in the rain - on the Pride of the Susquehanna. The kids really enjoyed this. The water was really dirty looking and we found it interesting that in my water bill, there was a letter explaining that the Susquenhanna is a back-up water source in case of drought. The kids got right down on the bottom level and watched the "dirty" water go by with occasional pieces of garbage floating in it. What an ecology lesson right there. All the things that they learned from the Watershed association about water pollution came spilling out. Although, a couple days later we went hiking up Cunningham Falls and the kids splached, played and drank the "clear, fresh" water only to find out that the park has banned swimming that day due to bacteria in the water. So I guess you never know... Anyway here are some photos from The Pride of the Susquehanna.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

CSA Farming

Here are some photos from our CSA Farm -Spoutwood Farm. We had guests this week and had a great time along with them, exploring the farm and helping harvest some fabulous organic veggies!

There are additional photos here:

We have been really big supporters of Community Supported Agriculture and enjoy our locally grown, fresh organic veggies and flowers every week. The kids all come along with me and sometimes they help harvest, other times they play in the streams or various forts. There are all kinds of "farm" animal mascots - dogs, cats, horses and a goat. The best part of working on this farm is that not only am I learning a lot about organic and sustainable agriculture, but the kids are learning about where their food comes from, how it is grown and how much work it can be! It really makes us appreciate all that goes into fresh, healthy food. I love the fact that the farm we work on supports over 120 families with produce from June- November.

If you are interested in finding out about Community Supported Agriculture and what is going on in your area check out this link:


Oh - and our farm has a "Dark Fairy realm" - probably one of my kids most favorite places to play... they fit right in with those mischevous fairies ;-)!